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General Features

Multilingual Content

Unique multilingual content on same website. You can specify content that will display only in specific languages.


JavaScript / CSS files automatically merge into one file for better performance.

Payment Gateways

Vesthelm EE has payment gateway addons that allow to sell sponsored items such as membership or bulletins.

Unlimited Nested Structure

You can add pages as much as you want.

SEO Friendly URLs

The URLs do not contain query strings and they mimic the directory structure of static sites.

Users will find everything they need by using advanced search.

MVC Architecture

Vesthelm EE is based on the Model-View-Controller development pattern (PHP & JS).

Content Management System (CMS)

You can use the full power of CMS like installing new addons and applications.

Template Engine

Ease of use for non-programmers, such as graphic artists or web designers. You do not need knowledge of PHP to develop custom templates.

Automatic Tasks

You don't need to setup CRON to run automated tasks software will do it for you.

WYSIWYG HTML text editor

HTML text editor designed to simplify website content creation.

Easy to Translate

You can translate whole website or add new language via Admin Control Panel.

User Features

Access Restrictions

Users are assigned roles and permissions that restrict them from editing content in which they are not authorized to change.

Users can get extra features for a fee.

Private Messages

Instant messaging between users.

Users Registration

Users can register on the website.

Users Confirmation

Users have to confirm email address after registration.

Users Profiles

Users can view other users profiles.

Upload Avatar

Users can upload avatars.

Change Personal Details

Users can change their personal details.

Personal details: First Name, Last Name, Birthday, Gender, Location, Occupation, Interests, Contact Methods. Also password, email, privacy options etc.

Invisible Mode

Users can turn on `Invisible Mode` setting to hide their activity (Administrators can see all user activity).

Event Notifications

Event notifications will send an email about events (such as submit or edit bulletin, new user etc.) to users.

Profile Views Counting

You'll see how popular are users.

Profile Statistics

You can view users profile statistics such as number of comments, number of bulletins, profile views etc. Also latest user comments and bulletins.

Online / Offline Status

You can see if user online or offline. Also you can see when user was online.

Payment Gateways


Paypal addon provides payment system functionality. PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.


WebMoney addon provides payment system functionality. WebMoney is a global settlement system and environment for online business activities.


Interkassa addon provides payment system functionality.


ROBOKASSA addon provides payment system functionality. ROBOKASSA is a service which helps Merchants (online stores or service providers) accept payments.

W1. Wallet One

W1. Wallet One addon provides payment system functionality. Payment service W1. Wallet One.


SMSCoin addon provides payment system functionality. SmsCoin provides micropayments via Premium SMS payment services for any commercial website.


Customizable Pages

Custom pages can be customized in Admin Control Panel.

Customizable Menus

Menus and menu items can be customized in Admin Control Panel.

Customizable Blocks

Blocks can be assigned to specific pages.

Customizable Meta Tags

Administrators can change meta tags.

Customizable Email Templates

Email templates (can be HTML or text) can be easily changed in Admin Control Panel.

File Checker

If someone modified, deleted or added files to your website you will receive an email containing modified files.

Contact Us

Customers can contact you by some subject. You can add custom subjects via Admin Control Panel.


FAQ addon allow to add frequently asked questions.


Sitemap addon allow to generate a list of pages accessible to crawlers.

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